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I finished Saturday’s 10k in 1:23:05. That’s almost four minutes slower than last year, but I had even less training this year.

My feet hurt, but seem to have recovered. So I’m hopeful that I can resume tennis and running, though I’m going to take it slow and see what happens. Next year, my goal is to not be injured at all in the months before the race so I can train properly.

Races are fun. I like competing against myself (I don’t even think about competing with the other runners). I like having people cheer me on when I run by. And I like the general atmosphere of a huge number of people all doing it together.

One thing I might do this year is visit some of the trails in the area to go running in a more natural setting. I really miss the Toledo Metroparks. I could drive a short distance from my apartment and get to a few different parks to go jogging. Here, all the parks like that are at least half an hour away. (We do live within walking distance of a small park, but the non-cement trails are very very short.) Still, it might be nice for some of the longer runs. For the short ones, I’d spend more time in the car than on the trail, and that’s not worth it.

My last set of links to my writing group’s blog was back in December. So if you haven’t been checking that site, you have a lot of catching up to do.

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