Attack of the Giant Radishes

We are swimming in giant radishes. Next year maybe I’ll remember to plant them in waves 1-2 weeks apart. Good thing we like radishes, and I eat a salad for lunch every day anyway. BTW, sautéed radish greens are good with a bit of soy sauce.

I’ve stated picking some of the lettuce, too. Otherwise we just have whatever beets need to be thinned out. They’re growing well. So is the chard. And the four or so volunteer dill plants. I hear some people in warmer parts of the country have things like zucchini and corn already. I’ll have to content myself with my tiny lettuces.

Saturday I went to the nursery and then spent two hours doing yardwork. We now have two cherry tomato plants–one red, one yellow–a basil, and an eggplant (because I refuse to give up).

Also, a new hydrangea and two more Japanese painted ferns. Not for eating. This is part of my long-term plan to make the yard look nicer.

I’m also making plans for digging a new vegetable bed later this year. I’ll leave space for a path between the new bed and the current one. Then I want to build higher frames than what I have now so dirt won’t fall out, and put paths down the sides and across one end, and add a fence to keep the rabbits out with a gate so I can get in. I’m not sure that will all get done this year, or at least not all at once, but it would be good to have something that looks neater and is easier to reach for weeding. Right now I have to stretch over the rabbit fence, which means bending it so it’s shorter and less effective.

(And then I have grand plans for surrounding the vegetable garden with more perennial flower beds and putting hanging baskets on the fence, and that will definitely not be happening this year.)

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