Achievement unlocked: Pockets

I finished a new pair of pajama pants last night. These have *pockets*. The pockets are a little on the small side because I forgot how big the seam allowance was, but my phone fits in both of them, and that was my goal, so I’m declaring a success. Also, now I know how to do side seam pockets, which means I can add pockets to everything. Like the two skirt patterns I got last weekend, or skirts I already own.

This pair of pants is plain cotton instead of flannel, because I wanted something less warm. I used the same pattern that we did in class, with several adjustments to make them fit better. It mostly worked out, but I have a few more tweaks to make before I decide they’re good. They have a weird little bulge on the sides which I am fairly sure I know the cause of, but not how to fix it without messing other stuff up.

My next project is a lunch bag, since the tote bag I’ve been using is too big, and I want to see if I can figure out how to put a zipper in. Then I have a simple present to make, and then…probably shorts (i.e., these pants with shorter legs) and another attempt at a t-shirt. Though I already bought some skirt patterns and fabric for a new bag during a recent sale.


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  1. Unrelated to post
    Just finished “Pictures in Crayon” on today’s Daily Science Fiction. Good job!

    Related to previous post: I’m inserting a religion in my alternative history novel. I chose Buddhism…since it (originally) doesn’t have gods/goddesses to deal with. I think it’s more on the rational side…dealing with thought processes.

    One a related note to Buddhism…check out “The Storytelling Animal”…its description of consciousness meshed well with most Buddhist concepts (I ignore the reincarnation thing).

    • Elizabeth


      That’s funny…in developing my fictional religion, I started with Buddhism. The lack of deities was appealing. My made-up religion focuses mostly on people trying to train themselves to have the right thoughts, feelings, and actions. The Storytelling Animal has been on my to-read list for several months. I’ll have to take a look at it!

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