Just what my garden needs: More radishes

My garden has been very droopy when I come home from work this week. Something about heat and lack of rain, and being planted in pots. So today I went out to water and discovered…baby radishes! Also, baby chard and beets! I planted new seeds…last weekend, I guess, after I pulled up the last five radishes and had space left in a pot.

So here’s my garden:

That front pot has two chards (the third didn’t grow) and the baby radishes. Behind it is the Giant Pot Of Beets (and three chards). Behind that are two more pots, each with a cherry tomato plant, each with several green tomatoes. (Already!)

You can see half the lettuce pot on the left (formerly the lettuce and radish pot), and behind that is my eggplant. I’m crossing my fingers on the eggplant. Not shown, because it’s to the left of the front pot in this photo, is the second beet/chard pot.


The in-ground garden, with the Extremely Happy Lettuces. Which are interspersed with a few volunteer dill that aren’t really visible. The giant green leaves belong to some native prairie plant that I got a few years ago. I don’t remember what it is. It gets one more leaf every year but so far hasn’t flowered.

The big bushy green plant is a purple coneflower. What looks like bare dirt is where I planted beets and chard; I have four beets and two or three chards growing, plus a few baby ones from what I planted last week. The pot at the end of the garden is more chard, and you can just barely see my flowering chives to the left of the chard.


And my new hydrangea is starting to flower. I’m happy to see that it’s blue, not pink. I hope it stays that way.

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