Story published: “Pictures in Crayon”

My very short SF story “Pictures in Crayon” is live at Daily Science Fiction today.


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4 Responses to Story published: “Pictures in Crayon”

  1. Austin

    Hi, Elizabeth!

    Just wanted to let you know that I really liked your story! I’ve got four little siblings myself and this definitely hit me right square in the feelings. Hope to see more of your stuff in DailySF!

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

  3. Nancy (Warnement) - you remember me!

    Just read your short story — really enjoyed it! Anything else published on the great interwebs for me to find and read (I guess I could look around this blog some — haven’t tried that yet)


    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Nancy! I do remember you. 🙂

      So far that’s the only story that’s up online. On my bio page I have links to a few anthologies that I’ve been published in. Those stories are quite different.

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