Weekly Summaries Feb. 12


• (Humor) Helpful advice in the event of terrorist attacks. I like the one with the blaring radio.

• Via anghara, daily diversions for writers (comics)

• How to Move Posts from LiveJournal to WordPress is my first article for Associated Content. (Paid more than the cup of coffee I’d expected.) I really should finish backing up my old LJ posts someday.

Writing Summary:

Last week’s goal:
Revise more: through ch 10 (except for dealing with the scene that might need cut).

What I did:
• Dealt with the scene that needed cut. Had to move four bits of description elsewhere — I tend towards sparseness so can’t afford to lose any. Two bits went to a scene where I’d cut some boring bits, and the other two went to a scene that had previously been set in a place I’d been setting far too many scenes. Hopefully it is now more interesting.
• Unstickynoted [1] ch 4-10
• Dealt with some notebook notes for ch 4-10
• Started unstickynoting ch 11-15

[1] unstickynote – Look at each page of the manuscript and make all corrections marked with sticky notes. Generally these are smaller (or at least scene-specific) things. Larger concerns are scribbled in a notebook.

This week:
Finish unstickynoting ch 11-15
Go over the notebook notes for ch 4-10
Go over crits for ch 1-3
Do some reviews (have at least 2 to return)

Unstickynoting is easier than dealing with the notebook notes, which is why I put those off last week.

I’m not going to finish this before March like I wanted, probably, but I’ll see how close I can get.

On the one hand I feel like I’m wasting my time (first novel, why bother fixing it again, better to write a new one). On the other hand, I think I’m getting a good return on my time as far as quality goes.

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